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re: made waffles [Jul. 12th, 2009|12:40 pm]
the brunch went well. i really didn't end up needing as much waffle batter as i made, but it was great, actually, because now i have a freezer with quite a lot of waffles in it all ready for me for the week. narm.

i felt in the end plenty of people came (sarah, erik, and mike... more than that and it might have been too many, what with seb taking up the space of three people with his typical tazmanian-devil-tornado-like pattern of movement). and i wasn't rushed on anything, which is what i was anticipating with some dread last night. next time i might make the waffles ahead of time and toast them, but for convenience and because i think they would have been better a little crispier than they turned out.

and my house is pretty freaking clean... dishes cleaned, tables wiped, floor swept only an hour or so later. i am clearly a housekeeping ninja. maybe i will start making a wee habit of vegan brunch, since i think waffles may be my new obsession, and it was nice having friends over randomly on a sunday morning.

From: (Anonymous)
2009-07-13 04:15 pm (UTC)
Mmm waffles. Glad you had a good brunch! I always remember the one you and James hosted in your first apartment together, with like 4 courses of excellent brunch food and tulips you "borrowed" from campus. hehe. That was a fun time.

- Dayna
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